The Best Arthritis Treatment For Your Pets!

Pet Arthritis Treatment

Ways To Help Your Pets And Improve Their Lives


Our pets are family, they are our fur babies and we are their parents. They give us unconditional love; they greet us at the end of a long day with wagging tails and big bright eyes. We are their family, their protectors, providers and caregivers and as such when they are in pain and discomfort it is our duty and responsibility to help them.  Our pet’s age at an accelerated rate compared to us humans and a dog with arthritis will seem to age even quicker.

Like most chronic conditions the sooner you diagnose arthritis the sooner you can treat it. And if possible it’s best if you can prevent this horrible condition all together and second best would be to lessen the impact arthritis has on our pets.

At this point in history there is no cure for arthritis, so our only option is to relieve pain and attempt to stop the condition from getting any worse,


The following are ideas to help you help your pet. Most of the suggestions are for dogs but will also apply to cats and other animals as well.

Visit Your Vet

dog getting checkup from vets
  1. First and foremost if you suspect that your pet has arthritis have your pet looked at by a professional. If you haven’t already, sign up for my Free Report “9 Ways To Save Money At The Vet”  this report has the potential to save you thousands in vet bills.

Let Them Rest

Cat and dog sleeping together ahhh!
  1. Sleep/ Rest- An animal with arthritis will want to rest and sleep more often so create an area where they can get the most rest. There are ergonomic beds that are very comfortable and warm. Many dogs will also feel more relaxed in a kennel as they feel safer there when they are home alone. No need to lock them in there just places a bed there.  Check Best Dog Beds Here

Create The Right Environment For Them

raised dog bowl


  1. Create a comfortable environment: Get a raised food/water dish to alleviate neck pain. You can use ramps and stairs specifically made to help your pet get in and out of cars and on and off beds/ sofas.

Get Them Moving

dog getting exercise


  1. Exercise- A great way when it comes to alleviating their dog’s pain is establishing a healthy, low impact, exercise regimen. For
    example, a good low impact exercise for your dog is hydrotherapy. Proven to help dogs with joint pain, this form of treatment gives your dog the
    ability to get exercise without strain on their joints.Another great alternative ( if a dog-friendly poolis not on hand) is taking a light walk on a soft field or a running track. Simply getting your dog moving is one of the best ways of getting them to feeling better. Having your dog laying around for extended periods is only going to make their condition worse.   Playful exercise of any kind,as long as they are not showing any signs of pain, is crucial. Playtime not only helps get them moving but helps build a bond with your dog, dogs are after all pack animals and are happier and healthier when they do things as part of a group, even if it is just the two of you.Your pet needs to exercise to keep the muscles strong.

Reduce Their Stress

Dog relaxing to music
  1. Stress Management- Stress wreaks havoc on everything especially joints that are already inflamed by arthritis. Create a calm atmosphere for your pet. Having a radio or TV on when you are not home can make an animal more relaxed. Make sure that what you have on it not too loud or action filled. There are some people who pipe in classical music or binaural beats for their pets.

Use Supplements

  1. Supplements: Most of the commercial pet foods contain little or no vitamins or minerals. If your pet’s diet is lacking any vitamins or minerals then they are more susceptible to muscle and joint pain. So having a daily vitamin and mineral supplement can help maintain your pet’s health. Cbd oil, a derivative of cannabis and hemp, has shown great promise in treating pain and for emotional problems in both cats and dogs. and over the counter medications: Glucosamine and chondroitin and many other supplements are very effective in treating arthritis but don’t expect immediate relief, these take time to build up in the system before you see any difference. Some over the counter pain medicines also work well. Your vet may prescribe a popular pain medication called Ramidyl, read my article here to learn more.


Give Them A Massage

dog getting a massage
  1. Massage therapy– You can give your pet a soothing massage by gently rubbing the area that is painful. There are also many animal massage therapists out there as well, ask your vet.

Get The Right Gear

Dog in wheelchair

8 Mobility– If your pet has worsened mobility issues there are braces for knees, necks, shoulders, harnesses and wheelchairs that allow alleviating some of the weight from the hind end of your pet as you walk.